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Elgin, IL area portrait and wedding photographer.

Hi!  I'm Jason Patrick and I'm a photographer located in Elgin, IL specializing in portrait, family and wedding photography.  

Photography freezes moments in time.  Whether it's the look on Dad's face when he sees his little girl in her wedding dress, how your 5 year old exudes joy with those goofy faces, or seeing your high school senior all grown up - we want those moments to look back on.  I love capturing those moments.  

I often mix in a bit of documentary photography - where the experience of being photographed is captured - along with the final "posed" image.  To get an idea of my style of photography, please visit my portfolio to see some of my favorite images from a selection of my recent wedding and portrait work.  

Click here to see my portfolio

Also, don't forget to connect with me on your favorite social media platform!  (Facebook is where you'll find me posting most often!).  If you have any questions, or would like to talk with me more about working together, please don't hesitate to contact me using the "contact me" link above


I want to start off by saying that I don't work with everyone that approaches me.  Because of the personal nature of photography, it's important for me to only work with people who have already seen the type of photography I do, and want something similar.  That said, I photograph people.  Families, weddings, high school seniors, babies, kids, events, headshots - I can, and have done it all.  


The base price for a 1 hour shoot (families, babies, seniors, headshots etc.) is $200.00.   That includes a minimum of 20 high quality images (usually more) edited and delivered in .jpg format.  A 90 minute shoot is 275.00, and includes a minimum of 30 high quality images. 

The base price for a wedding is $2395.00, which includes a second photographer for the day of the wedding and a 1 hour informal meeting to go over the wedding and make sure that we capture the day as you want!  The price is for 9 hours of coverage.  The typical delivery is 500 high quality .jpg images documenting and capturing the event or wedding.  


I use a variety of gear to make the images I do.   Right now I am shooting with a Canon 6DII's  along with a variety of lenses, including: Sigma 20mm f/1.4,  Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.4,  24-70mm f/4L IS,  and my favorite lens, the 135mm f/2.  For a wedding or family shoot, I will shoot with two cameras, each with a different prime lens.  This allows me the best possible image quality in conjunction with total control over of depth of field.  


I shoot all of my photography sessions in what's known as "RAW" format.  This is the equivalent of a digital negative.  This file is then processed and preserved using software called Adobe Lightroom.  It's in this software that I do edits, which can then be exported into a high quality .jpg images for the final delivery that you see.  I maintain the RAW files on back-up hard drives.  

Happy Clients

We recently contacted Jason Patrick Photography to set up a family photo session. We told him exactly what our vision was for our photographs. Jason recommended the perfect location for the session, and totally brought our vision to life! It was an absolute pleasure working with Jason. Not only is he an amazing photographer, but he is also a kindhearted and fun person to work with. He has a keen eye for detail that captures the true essence of the moment in the photographs. He also has a great knowledge of lighting techniques and scene selection to bring the most out of every photo. Jason was great at getting our small children to smile for the pictures, even on a chilly autumn day! We received formal family portraits as well as lots of candid shots that were both unique and beautiful. He included a release form, that will allow us to print our pictures anywhere we choose. This saved us a lot of money, as most other photography companies will only allow you to print professional photos through them (and they charge an arm and a leg for it!). We could not have asked for a better experience, and we will certainly be using Jason Patrick Photography again in the future. We received more that what we hoped for, and we are very happy with our photographs!

"Jason proved to be a fabulous wedding photographer at our wedding! As a bride, I had a certain "feel" to the pictures I was hoping for -- a photo-journalistic capturing of as many precious wedding moments as possible. I gave Jason a list of photos I definitely wanted and he went above and beyond to be sure I had each desired image. Not only did he capture each important moment, he also did so artistically, utilizing color and light to his advantage. My husband and I loved our wedding photos so much that we call on Jason now for all our family photography needs and wants. We would definitely recommend working with him!"

- Kate Rodriguez

"Seriously people if you need a family picture taken don't go to some stuffy studio and sit in front of a drop cloth...Call Jason he'll hook you up and make it look like you actually enjoy spending time with your family!"  

- Chad Bergeson 

We saw some of Jason’s work on social media. Loved what he did for a friends senior pictures. Reached out to Jason on short notice (you don’t know if someone is available … unless you ask). Jason was very accommodating. We were able to get senior pictures, prom pictures and a few graduation pictures all in one shooting. We were very pleased with Jason’s communication, photo shoot and post production. So glad we reached out to Jason and so very pleased with the whole photography process! Renee’s photos are amazing!!

-Joanne and Renee Rush

Jason managed to make an hour long photoshoot with a 20 month old and 3.5 year old fun and easy, and the pictures he gave us are phenomenal! His prices are budget friendly, and the digital files made it easy to share with family and friends. We will be using Jason the next time we want family pictures taken. - Terra Fick

Jason Patrick Photography exceeded our expectations. Jason thoroughly and beautifully captured the most precious moments of our wedding day. Not one shot was missed or one family member accidentally excluded from our photos. Jason has a way of capturing genuine moments and emotions as they come - and in my opinion, those are the photos that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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